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A life dedicated to the children and young people of Venezuela.

A life dedicated to the children and young people of Venezuela

                         José Antonio Abreu

We are very sad to hear, that our former patron of ISWI 2013 José Antonio Abreu died after a long life of commitment, inspiring and supporting thousands of young people. As composer, musician, political activist he founded the National Network of Youth and Children Orchestras of Venezuela “El Sistema”. The programme is specifically oriented towards poor and deprived children and juveniles providing them with a classical music education. This way “El Sistema” is offering young people a solid basis for their future, what affected the whole Venezuelan society in a sustainable and positive way and even influenced  the development on an international scale.

During the International Student Week in Ilmenau 2013 he supported us with his knowledge and contacts, and send in his place David Ascanio to the conference in Ilmenau giving Maestro Abreus greetings to the ISWI participants. Ascanio was among the first students of José Antonio Abreu and a founding member of “El Sistema”. Today, he is one of the most famous pianists of Latin America.

That is why we remember José Antonio Abreu, who therefore also got awarded e.g. with the Right Livelyhood Award as an outstanding person and are greatful for his heritage, which will remain within “El Sistema”.


Intercultural Night – Vietnam

Come at 8 pm to the bi-club to learn something about the culture of Vietnam. The dinner will be:
Menu 1: Bún chả (rice noodle, grilled ground pork)
with Nem (spring rolls)

Menu 2 (vegetarian): Bún chả chay (rice noodle, tofu)
with Nem chay (spring rolls)

Dessert: Chè hoa cau (mung bean pudding with coconut)

After dinner we will have a presentation and a cultural performance.

25 years ISWI e.V. – Birthday Week

In 1992, the association Initiative Solidarische Welt Ilmenau e.V., which translates as Initiative for World Solidarity Ilmenau, was founded. After twelve succesful student conferences and various projects such as Kitchen Run, Wanderlust Lectures, Intercultural Nights, Professors reading Christmas Carols , we look back to a vivid history of this association. In order to celebrate the 25th anniversary, the ISWI Birthday Week will take place from 27th Nov to 3rd Dez 2017.

The following events will take place during this week:

Monday 27th Nov
Intercultural Night – Syria
9 pm, bi-Club
Syrian students and ISWI members jointly prepare a tasty menu consisting of Syrian delicacies. Next to the culinaric specialities, there will be a presentation about Syrian culture and some Syrian music.

Tuesday 28 Nov
ISWI Pub Quiz
admission until 8:45 pm, BD-Club
On Tuesday you will have the chance to use your – in other situations – useless knowledge during our Pub Quiz. Teams of five will compete against each other and answer tricky questions.  At the end, we will have some prices for the winning team. The event will be in German.

Wednesday 29 Nov
Kickoff ISWI 2019
7 pm, Mensa IV
For carry an international student conference into effect, one needs creative minds! Hence, we invite everyone who is interested in adding to the project ISWI 2019 to the Kickoff meet in Mensa IV. You can shape the future of this project!

ISWI Movie Night “Weit.”
9 pm, H-Hs
In cooperation with hfc, we will air the movie  “Weit. Die Geschichte eines Wegs um die Welt” – admission free. The movie is screened in German, up to now we are looking English subtitles.

Thursday 30th Nov
Wanderlust Lecture Bolivien
7 pm, bi-Club
At the end of the Birthday Week, Carlotta will share her experiences from her stay abroad in Bolivia. The presentation will be in German, after the presentation there will be a chance to also converse in English.


Conference “Africa and the World”

Dear fellow students,
Are you interested in Africa and her relationship with the world? How Africa can achieve sustainable development and its implications for the world? How can we transform aggression into creativity to tackle terrorism? How is gender (in)equality in Africa and how does it affect the world? How can the civil society engage to stimulate global sustainable development? How does the western media portray Africa? – In these, what is the role of the media and how can the media drive sustainable development?
The African students from the department of media and communication science, cordially invites you to attend a conference themed: ”Africa and the world”. This conference is in collaboration with the ISWI, StuRa and supported by the institute of media and communication science,TU-Ilmenau. We want to hear your opinions, suggestions and questions. Come and learn, un-learn and re-learn your knowledge about Africa and the world!
Date: Saturday, November 25th, 9 a.m. till 16:30pm
Ernst-Abbe-Zentrum (EAZ), room 1337/1338
Please note:
Presentations/speech and discussions are held in English by invited guests. However, fluency in English is not mandatory.There will be light refreshment and lunch (with a touch of African hospitality)and a chance to make new friends. So, we hope to see you next Saturday and to share an eventful day together.
Do use the event options to indicate your participation and also feel free to invite your friends and colleagues.

Event page:

Muyiwa Mufutau Kolawole

(For the organizing committee)