Iranian Evening July 2014

Half way into the year and less than a month after a very enjoyable Australian international evening at bi-club, the Iranian students at TU Ilmenau stepped up to the plate and organized a splendid event that exposed several facets of Iran to all the other students. For many attending the event, it was the first time they tried authentic Iranian cuisine and there was plenty on offer. Appetizers included Kuku Sabzi and Kadu kebab, while the main course had an eggplant and beef dish called Gheyme Bademjan (vegan & non-vegetarian) accompanied by some Iranian saffron rice. Shole Zard (rice, saffron, water, sugar, cardamom) and Halva (flour, sugar, saffron, cardamom, butter, water) completed the dessert menu. A comprehensive presentation followed by a lengthy video covered various scenic locations within the country and interesting facts about its history and culture.

It was then time for some dance and music and setting the mood was Sobhan Yazdankhah from Tehran, who impressed everyone with his lovely beats on a traditional Irani percussion instrument called the daf. With everyone all charged up after his performance, it was time to get on to the dance floor and all the students took turns at learning some new dance moves from pretty Iranian women, who were happy to oblige. Celebrations continued late into the night and as a souvenir to take away from the event, students could get their names written on cards in Persian calligraphy.