ISWI Preperation Weekend

Fun should not be missing: who needs a Santa Claus if you can have a sloth and a unicorn?

Although there was no “Last Christmas” in a permanent loop to be heard in the supermarket yet, a pre-Christmas mood came up on 30.11.2018, when a group of packed and happy people gathered in front of the ISWI. We went into the car and on to Steinbach for the ISWI preparation and secret Wichtel weekend.

As soon as the suitcases were unpacked, the first discussion started: What is the ISWI’s weekly plan like? What do we want to offer as catering? And who is sitting next to me?

After the thematic input and sufficient brain cell jogging, we went out into nature together for a little ISWI get-to-know walk to the castle park. As it turned out, the rather small and unknown city has a charming castle with a park. In the evening we went back and finally to the Christmas party. With this old ISWI tradition, everyone anonymously gives a nice little something to another member whom they have drawn by chance. This way of getting to know each other quickly broke the ice between old hands and newcomers. Because before Santa Cla- uh, the Christmas Sloth and the Secret Santa Unicorn distributed the presents, everyone had to perform a little performance. We were surprised by so many unexpected talents; from judo roles to dancing and singing, everything was there.

On 02.12.2018 we unfortunately already went back. This time in our luggage: lots of new suggestions and ideas, one or the other present, many new acquaintances and anticipation for the ISWI2019.


Oh yes, to all who don’t have a catchy tune yet:

“We all live in a yellow submarine…”
“Where have all the flowers gone? Long time passing…”
“Next Christmas we give ISWI our heart!”