Kitchen Run Corona Special on 19th January

Attention: Due to the new COVID-19 regulations we canceled the event.

Hello dear cooking enthusiasts,
some of you may have been eagerly awaiting for it, others will be surprised. The ISWI e.V. has a Christmas present for you: The next Kitchen Run is organised!


Due to the current pandemic situation everything will be a little different this year – on January 19th we will celebrate the First Kitchen Run Corona Special!Some of you might be wondering: What is this, a Kitchen Run? And how can something like this can be carried out regardless of infection protection? We have thought of a solution:The Kitchen Run is all about enjoying a varied three-course meal in changing company. Each registered team of two is drawn by lot to prepare one course for the evening. For the two remaining courses, you and another team will virtually visit a new host team. The evening starts at 7 p.m. with the common starter, for main course and dessert the constellations change completely. In the original concept you ” run” between the courses from flat to flat. This time you ring the doorbell of the team that cooks for you with your own container and get the food directly into your own home! Advantage: You don’t have to clean up for the guests 😉 During the meal you can have an online meeting (link will be provided) to talk about the dish and any other topics you are interested in. It remains: On one evening you can meet up to 12 new people and eat a unique, home-made three-course menu! 😊


7 p.m.pick up of the starter
8.30 p.m.pick up of the main dish
10 p.m.pick up of the dessert


Registration will take place here from 4 to 10 January. After that you will be told which course you are cooking and where you can pick up the other two dishes.


We remind you to be careful at all times, to keep contact to a minimum when handing over the containers (i.e. not to invite the people collecting the food) and to observe the general rules of hygiene when preparing the food. For the common welfare, please follow the hygiene rules in force at the time.