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USA Night

on Mon, 12 January 2015

USA Night on 12 January 2015Burgers, baseball and Hollywood cinema! You may see the USA you’ve come to know on the big screen, but there’s much more to the US-American culture that you’ve never seen.

Take a hop across the pond and join us for US-American Night at bi-Club. Chow down on some burgers and fries as we take a cross-country road trip to learn more about the US-American history, music and landscapes. And of course, US-American night wouldn’t be complete without a little bit of two-step!

We can’t wait to see you there!
8 pm at bi-Club
Entrance: 0,50 €/1,00 €

Yemeni Night October 2014

Located at the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen isn’t one of those Arabic countries that makes big headlines in the daily newspaper, but it certainly is one those countries you often hear interesting stories about and wish you could somehow find out more about what exactly makes it so unique. Well that is exactly what International Evenings in cooperation with we4you and ISWI at bi-student club are for, and on the 13th of October, a small group of students from Yemen presented their country’s culture, lovely architecture and even served some specially prepared Yemini cuisine to all the interested students of TU Ilmenau. The main dish for the non-vegetarians was called Zurbian, a mildly spicy meat (beef) preparation served with rice and some potatoes. I even managed to get some extra red paprika paste and two very spicy chillies in order to add that extra bit of punch to my meal. For all the vegans and vegetarians at the Yemeni Night, it was Bohninia or some good old red beans and vegetables cooked in a typical Yemeni way served with some bread. Also, a nice sweet Halwa was served to everyone as the main dessert.

Shortly after everyone had finished eating, one of the students representing Yemen gave a short presentation about his homeland. Students were exposed to Yemen’s history, famous personalities and celebrities, diverse landscapes and even some age old traditions in Yemen, that have been in practice for many years. Soon it was time to do away with the benches and dinner tables, and dance to some nice tunes from the Middle-Eastern region. It was indeed a fine celebration.

Iranian Evening July 2014

Half way into the year and less than a month after a very enjoyable Australian international evening at bi-club, the Iranian students at TU Ilmenau stepped up to the plate and organized a splendid event that exposed several facets of Iran to all the other students. For many attending the event, it was the first time they tried authentic Iranian cuisine and there was plenty on offer. Appetizers included Kuku Sabzi and Kadu kebab, while the main course had an eggplant and beef dish called Gheyme Bademjan (vegan & non-vegetarian) accompanied by some Iranian saffron rice. Shole Zard (rice, saffron, water, sugar, cardamom) and Halva (flour, sugar, saffron, cardamom, butter, water) completed the dessert menu. A comprehensive presentation followed by a lengthy video covered various scenic locations within the country and interesting facts about its history and culture.

It was then time for some dance and music and setting the mood was Sobhan Yazdankhah from Tehran, who impressed everyone with his lovely beats on a traditional Irani percussion instrument called the daf. With everyone all charged up after his performance, it was time to get on to the dance floor and all the students took turns at learning some new dance moves from pretty Iranian women, who were happy to oblige. Celebrations continued late into the night and as a souvenir to take away from the event, students could get their names written on cards in Persian calligraphy.

Australian Night June 2014

With the Ilmenau summer reaching its height, what better way to celebrate the beautiful weather than to hold an Australian evening at bi-club. The club was filled with the sound of classic Australian bands such as ACDC and Men At Work, while songs from new artists Chet Faker and Vance Joy were also crowd pleasers. A long line stretched outside the main entrance of bi (getting longer and longer with every passing hour) as international students queued up, waiting impatiently to get their hands on some traditional Australian “tucker” (food) and a mug of some chilled Fosters beer. Those who finally made it to the food counter on time were treated to the delicacy of Sausage Rolls with puff pastry (Blätterteig) filled with seasoned mincemeat or a vegetable mix. A side salad was also served with the Australian additions of beetroot and white cheese. For those with a sweet tooth, they could enjoy mini-Pavlovas (meringue with frosting sugar, whipped cream and forest berries).

The presentation hosted by head chef Sally Remington (with the able assistance of her fellow Aussie mate Jan Wisniewski) gave the audience an insight into Australian English, with everyone invited to try out some new words. Bonza! There was also an opportunity to learn a little more about the culture and importance of first Australian people, the Aboriginals. This was followed by a game of “Australian or New Zealander” featuring such celebrities as Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Lorde and Nicole Kidman. Finally came the countdown of Australia’s most dangerous animals. Some technical problems only helped build the suspense for the top three: the Saltwater Crocodile, the Taipan, and the Box Jellyfish.

With the tables cleared, everyone could enjoy a refreshing beer and relax to some more tunes from the land Down Under.