ISWI 1995

“Get up and live – now!”
28th May till 5th June 1995

It had been two years of preparation packed with work for the organizers: the invitations had reached you long ago already, we had found many hosts among our university students and the among the Ilmenau citizens and the last consents of our lectureres had arrived.
A dream seemed to be coming true for a second time. We were very excited and couldn’t await the arrival of our first participants – when would they finally be here?

On Thursday, three days ahead of the official opening: Giane Regina and Geraldo from Brasil got here. For some of you the journey to Ilmenau was an adventure itself: whether from Lithuania almost passing through all of Germany – at one time getting closer to Ilmenau, then again moving further away – or you hitch-hiked your way here, or you had to get off the bus at the German border, cause your driver didn’t have a Visa — nothing could keep you from coming to Ilmenau, even if some of you did not even know where Ilmenau is located.