Lectures and readings

The ISWI eV, frequently presents you a series of lectures based on recent events.

This project consists of a series of individual lectures based on a certain topic, for instance “Crisis ? I do not Understand“ regarding the economic and financial crisis.

Our current topic is:
“Challenges Today and Tomorrow “.

The following evenings are planned for the current summer semester:

  • 29.04.14 – Panel discussion:  Asylum Policy  Welcome to Europe and Thuringia
  • 13.05.14 – Postwachstumsökonomie
  • 20.05.14 – Digital Emancipation
  • 10.06.14 – Cradle to Cradle

With the help of this series of lectures we would not only like the interested students and university officials, but also pupils and citizens of Ilmenau to have a deeper insight into a certain current topic.

Our goal is to promote the global economic and cultural understanding in order to better understand what is going on around the world.