Kitchen Run

Food! – How to find friends faster than on Facebook

No, the Kitchen Run is not the latest fitness method to lose weight faster, but a culinary evening that is held every semester to make new acquaintances (and to get new cooking ideas).
On Tuesday, 13.11.2018, 82 students and residents of the city of Ilmenau took part in this blind date. Small teams prepared either starter, main course or dessert for the 3-course menu. But who you sit at the same table with during the evening is left to chance. Maybe you already know each other? And if you don’t, you get to know each other and spend a good meal together. Because: food connects! (The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.)
That evening many new friendships were made during pumpkin soup and candlelight and fortunately nobody cooked someone’s goose.
We’re not kicking the kettle, so look forward to the next exciting Kitchen Run in the new semester!