International Discussion

The ā€˜International Discussionā€™ provides the opportunity to discuss politics and culture in a relaxed atmosphere.
Warmly welcome is everyone who likes to discuss topics from people all over the world.

We usually start the evening with a short but funny introduction of everybody who is present thatĀ evening.
We either choose one of the topics proposed or listen to a little presentation (sometimes even via video conference) Ā on a determined topic. Supplied with tea and cookies, the way is paved for a lively debate.

Participating in the ā€˜International Discussion Roundā€™ will help you to understand different points of view (as attitudes towards certain events differ enormously according to which culture one belongs to) and reflect your own opinion.

Furthermore you are given the chance to practice your English, as we communicate in English during the whole evening in order to make it possible for everyone to follow the conversation. But donā€™t worry about discussing in a (maybe) foreign language ā€“ so far weā€™ve always managed to paraphrase a missing word.

If there is a certain topic you are concerned about that you would like to discuss, we are always pleased to hear your ideas, topic proposals or criticism. Please send an email to us or join us at the next ā€œInternational Discussionā€.

Every two weeks we meet on the sofas of the interclub. For the exact dates please check

After a serious discussion there is always time to chat.

We hope to see you soon,
Your moderators