Kitchen Run

At a Kitchen Run you can get to know interesting people, take a look into somebody else’s cooking pot and you can stuff yourself in a three-course menu. In brief, it is a dinner at which you are “running” from kitchen to kitchen and the company is changing from course to course. Some people might know the concept of this event by the name “Running Dinner”.

Your part: You either prepare a starter, the main course or a dessert of the dinner together with a friend. There will be drawn lots which course you will have to prepare and where you will take the other courses. The result will reach you in a mail a few days before the dinner.

Kitchen Kitchen1

The course

You first apply for the Kitchen Run through our website. You either apply alone* or -which is better- as a team of two persons. The closing date will be displayed on the ISWI Homepage.

For every course (starter/main course/dessert), three teams are meeting and eating together. The combination is drawn by chance.

For example:

  1. You are team A. You have to prepare the main course.
  2. So at first you are visiting an other team: team B. In the flat of team B the first course (the starter) is taken. In addition to the teams A and B there is a third team: team C. You all eat together and get to know each other.
  3. After eating and chatting, your team is going (=running) on. Arrived at home, you finish the last preparations for your main course. Two other teams (team D and E) are visiting you and eating with you together.
  4. Time goes by so fast, and right after you have finished the main course, you are running to meet the last two teams and taking the dessert.
  5. At the end of the day you are full and hopefully satisfied. You have met 12 interesting and maybe unknown people and you have had a great meal.


There are no major regulations. But we suggest wearing mask and maintain distance according to your wish.


* If you apply alone, we are not searching a partner for you. But if there is another person that applied alone, we will of course suggest to match with each other.