Give-and-take festival 18th October 2014

The new Semester begins and it will be starting with the ISWI give-and-take festival (1pm – 6pm, EAZ – Foyer). If you have too much things that you don’t really need anymore: Bring them along and give them away for free. Many people will bring many things and you also may find things that you would have bought else.

 If you are unable to participate at that date but have things you want to give away either way: Just bring them to the ISWI office (anytime during the week, house A basement, Room 017)

Especially if you are new to Ilmenau: don’t buy all your plates and all that stuff. Get it for free at the ISWI give-and-take festival. At the end of your stay in Ilmenau you may give them again to the give-and-take festival so other persons can use them.

The ISWI give-and-take festival is a platform for giving away things and taking things. But it doesn’t end there:

If you have abilities that others might also want to have (e.g. cutting hairs, painting, shooting nice pictures, encryption of Emails, sewing, …) you can tell us beforehand and we will find a time on that day where you can share your skills! Of course you can also do that spontaneously!

We will also have cake and coffee based on donations and maybe we’ll have music playing.

 ISWI give-and-take festival

18.10.2014; 1pm – 6pm in Humboldt – Foyer