language meeting German (Monday) + Spanish (Tuesday)

Hello dear language enthusiasts,

The next language meeting in German will be held on Monday, 10th of August 5 – 6.30 pm first time after a long time in presence. We will meet at the Mensa lawn (Max-Planck-Ring 1). For those, who want to stick to online, we also offer a meeting on the platform mumble (A short instruction can be found below [1]). We will meet at channel blue.

Also, there will be again the Spanish language meeting on Tuesday, 11th of August 5 – 6.30 pm using the same platform and also here we offer to meet in person on the Mensa lawn on the campus.

Like last time we want to learn the languages with you and talk about current topics. All topics are possible, from proverbs and grammar to movies. And if you still know people who are interested, please let them know.

If you have any questions or want to be added to our mailing list, please contact us again via e-mail.

Best regards,


===== Mumble-Kurzanleitung / Mumble manual =====

[1] Wie verwendet man mumble? / How to use mumble?

_Schritt 1/step 1: Installieren des Mumble-Clients/Install mumble client

_Schritt 2/step 2: Auf “Verbinden” klicken und Folgendes eingeben / click on “connect” and enter the following:

  •  Serveradresse:
  •  Port: 64738
  •  Name: euren Namen / your name

_Schritt 3/step 3: Konfigurieren der Audioeinstellungen / configure your audio settings

_Schritt 4/step 4 (Empfohlen/recommended): Nutzung der Push-to-talk-Funktion, um Interferenzen und Hintergrundgeräusche zu vermeiden / Use the push-to-talk-function to avoid audio problems like echos

Wir werden uns im Channel blue treffen. Wir sehen uns dort! / We will meet in channel blue. See you there.